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Anyone else having issues with their Samsung Galaxy S4 saying that the SIM card has been removed and has to reboot?

Every few days my S4 will say that the SIM card has been removed and needs to reboot. Now if it was just once or twice it would be a issue, but on the days it happens it will happen up to 12 times/day. I have tried cleaning the SIM card contacts, making sure that the phone is positioned in such a way that the SIM card is pointed to the top of the phone, but i've gotten the error while the phone is sitting flat on a desk. I am very close to throwing the phone against a brink wall.

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I highly advise against throwing your phone.... unless there was a zombie involved. Looks like there is an issue either with your sim card or your phone's sim card slot. The only way to find out is to either test your sim in another phone for a period of time or test another sim in your phone
Ok Thanks. Ill try switching out my sim card with my wives. She has the same phone.
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Let us know what you find out!