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any word on which colours are coming for the moto x play?

Moto x play

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I'm also curious if they will bring the Moto g 3rd generation to Koodo. I have the first one and loved it.
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We will have to wait until Aug before we will know.
I doubt we will get the Moto X play
Put ya never know 🙂
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although Mobilesyrup says Koodo will get it,   hmmm

Exactly. That's where I saw it. Also on Facebook koodo was asking which colour to some secret device should we get and not surprisingly the moto x play comes in all those colours.....I can put 2 and 2 together.....
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There u have it lol.
A ha. I knew it!!!!! Thanks Melissa 🙂
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It looks so much better in real life, it's not as dark I mean this look more green than teal but it's actually a nice looking teal. The best thing though is that the backs are removable so you'll be able to get any color you want off eBay or Amazon and just swap the back out if you aren't diggin the teal but come on its a koodo exclusive so ya gotta rock it right.
For sure. I think my wife will fall in love with it. I think I'm just going to go black but its nice to see a variety. Good job koodo!