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Any way to get htc one M8?

  • 3 September 2014
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Is there any way to get the HTC One M8? I just found out that Koodo discontinued it, and it was the phone that I really wanted to get. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

5 replies

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You might be able to find a retail location that still has them in-stock (unless they've all be recalled), but other than that, nope. Not from Koodo, at least. It's a fantastic phone (first device since the Nexus One to replace a Nexus as my primary device), however, it just didn't sell well for Koodo so they had to cut it, unfortunately.
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If you can't find any near your local retailer or Koodo kiosk (if they have any left over stock) you can check with different service providers and purchase one outright and unlock it or purchase one off either Amazon or Ebay, or even Negri Electronics. Hope that helps.
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You can also check out Kijiji or Craigslist if you don't mind a lightly used one.
I actually have one that I got around 3 weeks ago from Koodo. I am looking foward to trading it with an Iphone 5s, as I have a new honda Civic that only supports Iphone 5 and up. So if you have an iphone 5s or you would like to buy mine right away, please reply to this message. I am from TO btw. thanks.
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Best Buy still has some available... check their website to see if any stores near you have them. I got mine a week ago for $0 on aa 2 year contract. It is a great phone.