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Any problems with saving pictures/videos/music to your microSD card in the Galaxy s4?

Have any of you with the Galaxy s4 had any problems saving pics/vids/music to the external SD card? I was very interested in the S4 until I came across this thread in a forum and read horror stories about people having a lot of problems with their SD cards and having pictures corrupted and not saving to the external card. This is the link: http://forums.androidcentral.com/samsung-galaxy-s4/315699-micro-sd-card-corruption-issues.html I'm now scared of those issues and wonder if anyone else with the S4 has had problems like what they describe? otherwise I'm now leaning towards getting the Nexux 5 and backing up all my stuff in Dropbox regardless (I know it doesn't come with external storage). If you had to choose - the Nexus 5 or Galaxy s4?

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Well I for a fact have heard alot of bad reviews for scan disks Micro SD card's. So I would suggest not buying one of them as a micro SD card buy a Samsung version of it. As for the two phones. out of personal Opinion I prefer The nexus 4. Due to it being made by Google.
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Well I for a fact have heard alot of bad reviews for scan disks Micro SD card's. So I would sugge...

Thanks! I think i'm going go avoid an SD card all together. My friend at work has the Nexus 4 and loves it. I'm going to get the 5! 🙂
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Never had issues with either phone and both are great devices that really it only comes down to do you want expandable storage and better battery life while paying more for the S4 or saving some money by getting the Nexus 5 which will give you updates to the OS months before any other devices and immediate fixes for bugs and issues as well as more compatibility when it comes to apps. Oh and the Nexus 5 also gives you wireless charging out of the box where the S4 you have to buy a replacement backplate or wireless charging pack that fits under the cover or case and connects to the micro USB. After having both for some time now as well as the Nexus 4, Note 2, HTC ONE, Moto X, & a few non flagship devices I personally prefer the Nexus 5 over all of them, it's nearly the perfect device IMO.
Thanks very much Paul! I was hoping you would respond! 🙂 The nexus 5 sounds good to me! I think I'm officially swayed. I don't need tones of external storage as I don't use my phone for music or movies. And getting updates early and on a constant basis sounds awesome as my galaxy ace 2 won't allow them, and I'm really sick of that lol. Did you read some of the comments on that forum? Scary to me- I can't imagine having a problem like that with the SD card! I would be so mad! which is why I want to avoid that issue all together. I wonder if it only happens to phones in the states? It was hard to figure out where those people were and which phone company they were with where the problems were being reported. Anyways, thanks again!