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Any plans of including Sony Experia to the shop?

I came to Canada two years ago with my Sony Xperia Z1 from Europe. I love Koodo mobile - all this time I use the Tab+ for 55$/month with 5 Gb of data. Great plan, tried it almost everywhere in ON, MB, SK and AB. Works great even in rural, nice coverage and all included.

The only thing is that makes me really sad - my Z1 is 4 years already and I'm not a very accurate user, so in two to three months I plan to change the phone. And, of coarse, I'd like to get a newer Sony Xperia - I've been with them since they acquired Ericsson. But Bell is the only vendor to deal with Sony here ((( I don't want to change the mobility provider, but the only way out is Koodo would have an oppty to broaden their assortment with Sony Xperia phones.

So - may be you could add these models to your shop? These phones are really good, extraordinary photo quality, sound is great and frequent software updates. Just give it a chance )

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Koodo is a smaller offshoot of Telus, and tends to carry only popular inventory that can move fast. So it's highly unlikely that once popular brands such as Sony or Blackberry will be featured any time soon.

Sony seems to have fallen off the face of the North American continent as a brand, and the prices for unlocked models from Amazon or eBay are quite stiff. If you are going to shop the independent route, make sure you are getting a North American model. Before putting money down, check out


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No plans currenly to include in the line up Natalia, because of the low demand. That said you can always buy one and just bring onto our network. This is a Canadian outfit with good reviews that sells the Sony units. Here is the Z1 :

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The problem I have with Sony is they keep cannibalizing their own sales. They make a flagship model every 6 months or so and it makes buyers feel like they got jipped. Samsung puts out a lot of flagships each year but at least they serve different purposes like the Active, Note, etc. - all of Sony's product line has simply been larger or smaller smartphones.