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Any chance of Koodo getting Samsung Alpha now that Koodo's parent company Telus has had it for a while?

Really wish Koodo would get this phone.. Tired of my old iphone and don't want to leave Koodo to goto Bell or Telus.

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Nobody here will know that information unfortunately. 😞 You can like koodo's FB page to hear about device announcements as soon as they come out. Or you could always bring the phone from elsewhere, as long as it's unlocked.
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I wouldn't bother. It's not really selling well and I still haven't seen one in the wild. People are still buying the S5 or iPhone 6.
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The Alpha has actually been discontinued and replaced by the New Samsung A3 and A5 which are supposedly even better.
Didn't know it was being dis continued, but now did the research and see it is .. kind of surprised me. Guess I'll wait to see what the A3 and A are like . Thx for all your responses!