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Any battery life/performance issues after upgrading S4 to Lollipop?

I downloaded the upgrade yesterday. Have not installed it yet. Did a bit of research, and it seems that Lollipop is universally hated by s4 users due to battery life and performance issues after the upgrade. My brother (Fido), had a similar complain for his Nexus and absolutely hates it. His super fast Nexus is now slow and sluggish. I love my current battery life with Kit Kat and is a major deal breaker for me. What has been everyone's experience after the upgrade ? If I don't like Lollipop, can I restore to my 4.4.2 Kit Kat backup using Kies ? I have the Koodo I337M S4.Thank you

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There's a couple of things, for one. The phone is powerful enough to run the platform. The only issues you will run into is that they haven't adjusted the software to not eat your battery just yet. If you look back in a little while there should be an update for it that states it will improve battery life and has fixed minor bugs.
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If you upgrade to Lollipop make sure to perform a Factory reset after updating as it can fix alot of issues when updating. As far as this update make sure you have the most recent version of Google services by checking that there's no update available in the PlayStore.
dont update! worst mistake ever! my lovely new s4 waas working great then it updated and now it is pretty much useless, wont stay connected to the internet wifi or data for very long, cuts in and out, it charged ridiculously slow (like atleast 9hrs to get a full charge) but then eats the battery super fast whether im doing anything on it or not, wont download anything except from Playstore and even then it is painfully slow and cuts in and out with the connection. most of my apps arent running properly anymore and there are issues with the sound now so i cant have the sound off at night or my alarm wont go off, wont save contacts, eats away at data almost three times as much as before just from the system, overheats, overheated so much that my screen cracked when it was charging and not even being used... and the list continues..... and this is all still happening after i factory reset my whole phone and started from scratch, resetting it actually made it worse. after all the problems i had with the S3 also i dont think ill be buying another samsung unless they fix this or refund me all my money for this useless piece of plastic