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Another SIM network unlock PIN question

  • 9 October 2020
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Just received brand new SIM to put in an unlocked Samsung J1 (i checked with old carrier and it is unlocked) but I keep getting “Invalid Sim” messages or it asks for SIM network unlock PIN, which I don’t have (other than the default one). The message on Koodo’s set up page says the phone should be ready to go when the sim is inserted; it’s not. Can anyone offer advice?


7 replies

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Did you create a new account or have you already been with Koodo? If you are already an existing Koodo customer, just use your current Sim card

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If you saw the “ SIM network unlock PIN”, your phone was likely locked to your previous carrier. You would have to contact them and get the unlocked code.

Which carrier did you get phone from? if the carrier is a Canadian one, the unlocking should be free of charge.

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If your phone wasn’t working, you can’t receive a callback from them to that number. If you had another number you can schedule to that one. It doesn’t have to be the Koodo number. If you scheduled a callback late in the afternoon, there might not be an available slot, I would suggest you tried to schedule in the morning.

The message “network unlock SIM PIN” is the message that often involves a locked phone. You could google it, here is one example https://www.wipelock.com/sim-lock/sim-network-unlock-pin/ Anyway, As you mentioned you already tested in another phone, it might be a different message (and different issue). I think you could try to enter 0000 or 1111 and see if the SIM PIN was set accidentally.

Anyway, I would suggest you contact a social media rep via Facebook messaging https://www.facebook.com/Koodo to check your account status.


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@KCD Ask your previous carrier for the network unlock code. While the unlock is generally permanent, I’ve had instances where the unlock gets wiped after a factory reset on some older phones, pre-December 01, 2017.

There are several variants of the Samsung Galaxy J1; (e.g. J1, J1 (2016), J1 Ace, J1 Mini Prime, J1 Ace Neo). Which one do you have? You can find the model number by going to Settings > About Phone/Device.

The J1 (2016), for example, will have the model number SM-J120W. The reason I ask is that some J1 models have limited 3G-only network connectivity.

Thanks, Goran. I am a new customer. But this is frustrating. I don’t want to have to go back to my old carrier


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Can you try your new SIM with another unlocked phone (just to ensure that the SIM is activated)?

Hi All. Thanks for the replies. The phone is unlocked; I double checked with my old carrier and they say the phone is not locked to their system. I tried the sim in another unlocked phone. I get the same message.  I am very disappointed and tried customer service but they just sent a text that I cannot get because the network is locked. I tried the digital assistant, but it doesn’t understand and I asked for a call back but they are “closed for the day”.  I guess I will have to give up and go to another company.  Again, thanks for trying to help community.