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Another plan switching question (sorry)

I switched my plan to something $5 more with only 6 days left in my billing cycle. What does that mean for my next bill? Is it going to be through the roof expensive? Did I do something dumb?

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Nooo you didn't do anything dumb at all 🙂 your next bill will be prorated, meaning 3 weeks will be billed according to the old rate and 1 week with the new rate. I would imagine you'll hardly notice it!
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They will only charge you for the six days from the one month and add it to next month, but your bill shouldn't be though the roof. 
Thanks guys!
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Your minutes will be prorated. If you used up your minutes and changed it, then you might have minutes overage charge.
What plan did you have and how many minutes you used before you changed your plan?
We might be able to give you better number for your next bill.