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i got a galaxy ace 2 yesterday and it worked fine until i got up this morning and now it wont send text messages! i already restarted it, took the battery and sim out, deleted any messages from yesterday, all the phone #'s are entered correctly, and ive gone through the settings i tried calling but the customer service was taking forever i was put on hold 3 times anyone help?

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you're not the only one this morning it seems... there are at least another 4 entries on the board....i cant send messages right now either... might be a network issue...
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It could be an issue with your phone (which is still under the 14-day return policy), but as Marcel said it could be a network issue. Or it could be both. I'm not having any SMS issues here (London, ON). I'd suggest waiting to speak to tech support. They need to be aware of an issue before they can fix it.
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Hi Emily! We are currently experiencing some technical issues regarding the text messaging service. Please note that our technical team are working diligently on resolving this issue in a timely. We appreciate your patience. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.