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Android Transfer File and Mac Computer Issues

I have been trying for three days to get my new Galaxy 6 to connect to my macbook pro laptop with no luck.

I followed the instructions on the phone to download Android Transfer File and Smart Switch.  I was able to use Smart Switch to transfer my contacts - and Smart Switch consistently recognizes my phone.

ATF can't see my phone though.  It recognizes when the phone is plugged in, because I get a popup error message saying "Could not connect to device.  Try reconnecting or restarting your device."

I have tried rebooting both phone and computer, disconnecting and reconnecting, reinstalling ATF.  None of those worked.

The Samsung web chat person declared that there was no issue with the phone and he was unable to help me fix the problem.

Please help.  How do I get my phone to connect?


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Hi Marie, Do you have the phone connecting as a mass storage device or as a camera? You can see this when you plug the phone into the mac and tap the USB plugged in notification that pops up on the phone.
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If you have Samsung Kies installed on the Mac it will do exactly what you are experiencing. One will interfere with the other. Ditch the Samsung software. Keep the AFT. Not sure about Smart Switch.
Mathieu, it's plugged in as a media device (MTP) not a camera device (PTP). Mass storage doesn't seem to be an option.
Bob, I've never heard of Kies. Just in case Smart Switch caused a similar problem I uninstalled. Still no change. Thanks to both of you for the advice.
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You can install DroidOverWiFi from Play store. Can connect mac or PC over wifi network. Only one I've seen that works with latest Mac software reliably. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dmitril.droidoverwifi or consider Dropbox or Google Drive if you have a decent wifi connection.
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I've had good experiences with Kies, but the simplest solution as stated by bob, would definitely be cloud storage as a transfer tool
To transfer android phone data to mac computer, we can also use Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac to help, it's easy to use.
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Emi Chang wrote:

To transfer android phone data to mac computer, we can also use Coolmuster Android Assistant for ...

Hello Emi

This post is 9 months old. I doubt the person is still looking for an answer.