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Android SII X No longer connects to mobile data

Hi, So I've had this phone for years with koodo and recently it has stopped connecting to 4G when I enable the mobile data, anyone ever experience this or have any suggestions to get my data working?

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Did you move recently? Do you venture far from home? Could be that there was a change in local tower. Have you shut down and restarted? Check Settings... Wireless and networks... Mobile network... Network type should be WCDMA / GSM auto or preferred Selection should be automatic
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http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/help-im-cut-off-from-the-world Ignore the screen captures covering band frequencies.
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Also ignore LTE in the settings as the S2x didn't support it.
I haven't moved or traveled out of the city, and i did restart it last night but I will power down and turn on again to see if that makes a difference
My 4G has connected now, hopefully it will not happen again, thanks for your help.