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  • 18 January 2013
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I see that we have iphone plans, i'm not sure whether this accounts for all phones or if it can only be used with iphones but i think (when koodo get the S4!!!!) they should bring in an android plan. also can you bring in the sony xperia z! Thank you

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3 replies

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Any plan will work with Android devices (and iPhones for that matter). In fact only Blackberries need special plans for their data services. The reason they have those iPhone branded plans is so if you get an iPhone on a 3 year contract (as opposed to a tab), you have to take one of the (worse) iPhone only plans. They're literally there essentially for the people who want to pay less up front at the cost of paying more per month.
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Those iPhone plans are horrible and are enforced by Apple. If a carrier doesn't commit to certain conditions, then they don't get the "privilege" of carrying the iPhone. I like the iPhone and all (having owned the 4 before and a 5 now), but these are really despicable tactics. That's a reason why Apple hasn't made more than $10 off me (for some plastic dock plates for the 4 when it first came out). I've always bought Apple phones on the resale market at a significant discount. I won't touch any iPhone plan. So since the iPhone plan isn't really a benefit, I don't see a point of creating an Android-specific plan.
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Also remember that just because Koodo got the Galaxy S3 don't necessarily mean they will get the Galaxy S4 😉