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Android phone 4.4 update not working?

this morning I received the android 4.4 update for my moto g. however, some features of kitkat aren't present. for example, I can't say "okay Google" to activate the voice search and if I touch and hold on my home screen the widget option doesn't appear. the home screen still looks like android 4.3 as well. is this really the 4.4 update for moto g?

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I believe those things are only on the Google Experience launcher (currently on the Nexus 5) or the Moto X with the "always listening" features utilizing the microphones all over the phone. You can download the GE launcher from the Play Store.
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Jonathan I wrote:

I believe those things are only on the Google Experience launcher (currently on the Nexus 5) or t...

Its not available for download from the Playstore there's only copy's that don't have the same features of the real GE Launcher. Just Do a Google search for Google Experience Launcher or GEL and you'll find he download of it from Android Enthusiasts sites like Android Police or Android Central. You'll also need the most recent version of Google Search for everything to work correctly including the "OK Google Now" voice activation from the home screen. I have the GEL in my drop box and Drive clouds if you can't find it, just let me know
so why does the interface still looks like jelly bean? the home screen, icons, and tools remain unchanged
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The features you mention are not part of Android 4.4. They are features of particular phones that run Android 4.4. They are not built-in to the OS. As far as I am aware, the "look" for Android has not changed since v4.2.
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The settings icon changed and the status bar icons as well as a few snippets of text in a few menus should be white now but yeah, it's not a major change, really.
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The only other changes are behind the scenes making the OS run more efficiently and they have introduce ART which is Android Run Time which they will eventually be switching for the dalvik environment they have been running since the first appearance of Android. It will slightly increase battery life but really so slight right now its not anything amazing battery saving wise. What it will do greatly is reduce the amount of force close / crashes of apps while running them. So if you notice that your phone has apps crashing fairly frequent give ART a try it has really made a difference for me as apps very rarely crash while using ART which was not the case running dalvik. ART can be enabled in the developer settings of the device. When turned on it will take a bit as it optimizes your installed apps and restarts the device and will do the same when turning it back to dalvik.
thanks for the help, but I ended up downloading kitkat launcher. it seems similar to 4.4 on the nexus 5