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Android app update. Awesome job !

  • 18 April 2013
  • 6 replies

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I must give praises to the new features in the self-serve app on Android. I updated yesterday and the details you added to show the usage are great. Good job to your programmers Koodo !

6 replies

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i know right, great job devs
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Thank you for your feedback, Don! It's much appreciated 🙂
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Thank you for your feedback, Don! It's much appreciated :)Is there a glitch causing some people to be unable to see data usage on their app while others see it fine. I cannot see my data usage and it was the main reason I downloaded it in the first place. The look of the update is interesting but I'm a little confused over the discrepancy of functionality. Is there an older .apk file somewhere I could download in the meantime?
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It would be good if it actually showed data usage. As usual, it shows roughly the airtime minutes (I'm still grandfathered per second but it is still a good indicator) but the data usage is gone (which was my rationale for installing the app).
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What are you talking about ? It does say the usage...

Yes they did a great job, I like being able to access my account info from my mobile and to be able to add/delete features and to be able to see my usage.