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I've had apple products all my life and I'm wanting to get a samsung now. I was wondering if it's easy to get use to android and if it's better then iOS

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Hi Sam,

Personally I much prefer the android side of things due to customization options and the openness of the system. As for adaptability, you will notice it's a very similar process for everything other than the apps being different. The learning curve should be rather small
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Asking which operating system is better is like asking what car you should buy. Everyone will have their own opinion which is right for them. Android is pretty easy to use, and it shouldn't be hard to make the switch from iPhone. The only thing I would say about making any switch, is give it more than 24 hours. Theres a lot of people who try things for a very short period of time then just give up, when if they would have given it a couple day or a week they would have LOVED it.
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I've used both an iPhone 6 and a Galaxy S6 edge, and prefer the interconnectedness of the iPhone with my other Apple hardware.  I also know of a number of other folk who were issued a Galaxy S6 by their employer, and still prefer and keep their iPhone for personal use.

I also keep touching the 'return' button on the lower part of the S6 face when I want to set the phone down. A small gripe, I know, but it still catches me a couple of months in.