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Android 5.1 upgrade for Moto E (2nd Gen)

I was wondering when I would receive the Android 5.1.1 update from 5.0.2 on my Moto E (2nd gen). It has already been released by Motorola If the 5.1.1 Ifthe 5.1.1 update will not happen, will I get the 6.0 update? (Motorola says they will issue an upgrade for my device)

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Nobody will know until it actually happens, Koodo doesnt tease any info on updates as they can change at any time for any reason and then ppl get mad because they don't understand that ish can happen and it's just easier that way. That said check out Telus update schedule on their community for a rough estimate of when your phone may see an update.
Can always just go root and flash the official ROM once it comes out.