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An issue with connectivity or a problem from porting?

I ported my number a week ago from speakout, and as far as I know that is complete. I can call out and receive texts. My problem is, after I leave my phone for an extended period, I can not sent out any texts, and any texts I receive take a day to show up. Calls seem to not make it through either.

So far, the only fix I have found is to restart my phone. But that is already starting to run my nerves dry, as I need my phone for work purposes and can't afford to second guess if i can receive text and calls or not. I don't know if this is an issue with porting that's been hanging around me, or another problem all together. It didn't do this before. And keep in mind, I had this phone on Koodo a year ago, and with no problem. I have not changed anything on the phone since then either. 

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy core LTE, I'm using the prepaid 15 base plan, and yes I have an booster on it. I hope this is enough information, and that this issue can get resolved. 


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It sounds like there's something wrong with your phone you may want to try your sim card in another phone and see if it still has the issue
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Did the phone do a factory reset it's self when you installed the new koodo SIM Card in it? If it didn't then try performing one... Make sure to back everything up first before performing a factory reset. After the factory reset set the phone up as a new phone at first.