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Amazing !

I have been with you for about half a year, this is my second time with Koodo, and I have to say you just keep impressing me each time with your plan rates and customer service! I would not change a thing about Koodo Mobile. The only change I was not a fan of was the extra $5-10 add on for the tab medium and tab large, but then I found out that is just to help us get a new phone faster. You are constantly thinking about your customers, and I can't be any happier with the service from start to finish!! I constantly tell people to go to Koodo, and stay away from contracts in other companies, I have been with other tab companies before , but Koodo Mobile does it better than any other company to date!! Keep up the good work Koodo Mobile 😛

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The additional tab charge is to assist with the tab being paid off within 2 years. You can buy a new phone at any time 🙂.
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When you tell people to go to Koodo, send them a referral. Sometimes that makes their decision a lot easier
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Matthew, we really appreciate your post! We get most of our new customers through recommendations (direct or indirect) and that is something we alsways keep in mind. You are our biggest sales force, we sweat the details to make sure we meet expectations. We won't always get it right so we are totally open for feedback. As part of this forum we also have an section where customers like you can submit their 'idea' that would make Koodo even better. So. don't hesitate to let us know.:-) And thanks again for your business! The second time around too. 🙂