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Am i too late to receive rewards for referral?

I am a koodo customer. My mom recently decided on koodo as well based on my reccommendation, and i set it all up for her. Just found out we both could have received rewards for this (refer a friend). Is it too late? She came on in early December.

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They have some pretty strict rules that need to be followed to be eligible for the referral. Unless an employee here wants to bend the rules, you're probably out of luck.
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Hi Fleury - as Chad mentioned, there is a certain process that needs to be followed in order to earn the referral credits. The rules can be reviewed here. In rare occasions, exceptions can be made within the first 24-48 hours of the new customer activating.. but if it's been nearly a month, then unfortunately you wouldn't qualify. That said, you can make future referrals at any time by registering at koodo.com/refer and sharing your referral code with friends/family who might be looking to make the switch, and from time to time we even have promo's where you get double the reward - keep an eye out.
Thank you.