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Alcatel One Touch Idol X+

  • 24 August 2014
  • 5 replies

I just got the alcatel onetouch idol x+ abuut two days ago and for some reason now it wont let me change the screen brightness..... or even 'select' it for that matter! It wont let me do it on both the drop down option or when i go into actual settings.....any help?!?!?!??

5 replies

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Try restarting your phone (turning it off/on). If your phone has a removable battery, turn your phone off, remove your battery for 30 seconds, put your battery back in and turn your phone back on. If this doesn't work, I'd go back to the Koodo store/retailer you bought it from and exchange it for another one since you're under the 14 day return policy.
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Even if the phone doesn't have a removable back, you just hold the power button down for 5-10 seconds and once the phone does a hard reset (turns off completely) turn it back on and try the feature again.

As Ahmad said if these options don't work you can take it back to the store you purchased it from within the first 14 days. Hope this helps.
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Alcatel yeah that may help butter off doing software resett this my he or she saves time going over to koodo lol
Turn off battery saver