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Alarm won't go off when phone is off why?

Why won't my alarm clock go off on my Samsung galaxy S2X when the phone is turned off? I always shut my phone off when I go to bed to save the battery and so it doesn't disrupt me. My blackberry would always turn on with my alarm in the morning. Is there a setting I can change to fix this?

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You mean powered off? Nope.
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Just turn it on vibrate and the alarm will still go off. - KID ANDROID, ( Team.Android.Canada)
What KID said. Your alarm can't go off if the phone is powered off completely. On my Nexus S, I use an alarm called SleepTime. It's a gradual wake up process(alarm sound gradually gets louder). I can turn the screen off(phone is still on) and the alarm will still work. Also, on a Blackberry, the phone doesn't power off completely. When you press and hold the hang up button, it just powers off the screen.
Ok thanks