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after paying an outstanding bllance to collections how long will it take till koodo knows and i can get a new phone?

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Hi Amanda, we can't say but it could take a few weeks. Furthermore, since it probably had an impact on your credit, you may not pass the new credit check done with every new activation. You can always activate a prepaid account though, as there is no credit check involved http://koo.do/1RuY1i1 :) Have a great day! 
Why is it I've gotten three different answers from "koodo"reps.., I've gotten the 24 hours you should be good.. I've gotten the "you need to wait3-5 business days" then you now day a few weeks.. Iam being miss lead I just want to know when you as koodo revive my payment and finally close the account how long after will I be able to set up a phone its one question I can't seem to get one straight answer for
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Your last account balance went to collections.(we don't know how much the balance was)  
You will need to build up your credit history to get contract with Koodo(and maybe with any other mobile companies too).
No one knows how long it will take. It all depends on how you manage your financing.
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Yannick is bang on, you also have to remember that Koodo doesn't control the credit reporting agencies or collections companies. They may post is today, they may wait till next week, all anyone outside the collection agency can do is give you a best guess. And as both Yannick and Mayumi said, since your previous account went to collections, you may need to rebuild your credit history a bit before getting approved for another one.