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After a lot of looking I finally found how to add a Bell Sympatico email to our new LG G5 phone

Bell has a good tutorial on how to do this at http://support.bell.ca/Mobility/Smartphones_and_mobile_internet/LG-G5.how_to_set_up_bell_email_on_my... but they leave out one critical step that I found on another site you need to set your account name to your Sympatico email address including the@sympatico.ca (it will only autofill the info in front of the @ sign). Do not use the letter/number combination that Bell provides as your user name, it won't work.

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Great recco Mike! Thanks!
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@Mike: the letter/number user ID, would you be referring to your B1#? That'd be your PPPoE authentication for your high speed internet, nothing to do with configuring your email account.

From the link, step 6 suggests that there's a drop-down selection allowing you to choose bell.net or sympatico.ca domain. Seems fairly straight-forward.

If you use the Gmail app to add an ISP email address, it'll likely be a bit smarter about it (essentially just add it as if you were logging into webmail). I know bell.net/sympatico.ca is powered by Hotmail/Microsoft (just like Rogers collaborates with Yahoo for their email), so smartphone email clients shouldn't have trouble setting it up.