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After 5 years with Koodo I am being charged for data that I know I have not asked for.

Been with Koodo for about 5 years. Received a text message "You've spent approximately $10 on data this billing period. Learn more about how your phone uses data at Koodo.com/selfserve. Could not find an answer. I have no data plan, never had and have never used my phone for this. I found the Packet Data option checked on my settings and unchecked . I have never been charged for data in the 5 years that I have been with Koodo. I also have been leaving my phone on overnight as the data charges are coming in at 6:30am. Any help would be appreciated.  Phone is an old Samsung, about 5 years old.

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Go to Google playstore app. Go to top left where u see the 3 bar menu. Click that then go to settings go and change to download updates over WiFi only. Sounds like something is updating overnight and maybe your dropping WiFi or your WiFi is turned off while your phone is in sleep or something.
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Hello John.

You should add data block to your account!