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Affiliate with international carriers for lower international rates

Koodo's international rates are more costly than buying an international prepaid SIM but buying a SIM can be a pain depending on where you are and what your travel constraints are, plus your phone number changes making you more difficult to reach. I'd like to see Koodo offer some prepaid-style bundles for international travel if not actual add-ons for reduced international rates. This could be done by affiliating with prepaid carriers in the EU and other countries.

I can see this working in one of two ways. The first; we keep the same koodo SIM card with the same number and also have an international number for the same card like internal call forwarding for when callers in the same country you are visiting can call you local and people from home can still reach you at the same number. In this scenario, you'd select which countries you are going to and have the appropriate international number(s) assigned to you and forwarded to your number. Outgoing messages and calls would route through this number which would be supported by some local carrier that Koodo has partnered with. An App could be designed to manage this.

The second option would be for Koodo to carry international SIM cards from carriers in other countries that they affiliate with. We could then order them off the Koodo site or pick them up at a booth and know our international number well in advance of our departure. The Koodo site could support adding money to these SIM cards prepaid-style or linked to our Koodo accounts like a second plan for the same customer. This way, international travelers would have a permanent and easily manageable international number (through which call forwarding could also be set up for international contacts to reach you while at home, and contacts at home can reach you while away).

I know call forwarding and international SIM cards are not new but it would offer a whole new level of convenience if this could be done/streamlined through the Koodo site especially since it would give us access to Koodo customer service and clear plan information. This is exceptionally helpful for traveling to countries where you don't speak the language and all the information you can find is entirely foreign.
We pay to buy the international SIM card when we arrive anyway, we'd might as well pay it to Koodo and have the Koodo community and customer service to help us out if we need it.

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