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address change error

  • 1 April 2021
  • 5 replies

wow koodo has become useless in the realm of customer service. you have to do a chat to get anyone on the line which is just bogus! what a scam!!! Ive been a customer for years and this is how you treat loyal customers? and by changing your plans from national to provincial? 

any ways. why doesnt youur stupid address feature work!?!?!?!?

youre not going to make any damn money if i cant order a phone because your stupid site doesnt work and theres noone to contact in this case. the chat assist doesnt help just tells me there is no agent and gives me no option for the future. WHAT A USELESS FIN COMPANY.

5 replies

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You ramble a lot, but what exactly is your problem?

Koodo doesn't offer province wide plans, that was a short lived whim.

What error are you getting when you try to change your address?

I do think that my problem was made very clear I'm having difficulty changing my address there is no error code it says it's changed successfully and then it just doesn't change. My problem is that there is no customer service 

I shouldn't have to resort to an internet community to change my shipping address

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I don't work for Koodo. You can contact them though Facebook or Twitter private message, if scheduling a call back doesn't work.

thanks so much, hopefully they respond..