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Add-on for texting?

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Thanks, I can do math :-)

Overage months are based largely on my travel, which is not easily predictable, but a 12 month sample is probably a reasonable guess. Also, the overage months in that period were 5.5 (rounding to 6) and 9.1 (rounding to 10) GB. So those figures would need to be inflated by another $44 each.

But the big picture seems to be that overage data can be had for $22/GB, possible limited to 6 in a billing period, which isn't terrible. But my current plan is better with a guaranteed overage rate that can't be beat. And it's better still if I can lower the amount of texting people expect of me, Personally, I would only ever use email, if I could get away with that.
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So basically to close this off. No there Is unfortunately no unlimited texting add-on. Yes it would be ideal for you, but it's no longer offered. Like it was last offered many years ago.
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I guess I'm coming a little too late since OP decided to stick with his/her old plan.
But I just wanted to say that based on your usage and if $840 was your total spending last year :
$60 plan gives you 6GB/mo and it will be $720 a year. You have $120 extra which you can buy 5 Extra GB ($110) when you went over more than 6GB. Plus you have freedom of texting people. You said you can lower the amount of text. But it will be nice you can texts people without worry about overage 😉