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Activation Credit with a $0 buyout, already applied?

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I'm looking at the following offer in my online selfserve portal:

  • You'll pay $0 for your phone and put the rest ($210.00) on your Tab
  • Pay a $9 monthly Tab charge for 23 months plus $3 to make your Tab balance zero, and then you'll only pay your monthly plan charge
  • Plans start from $30/month
  • Includes $140 in activation credits
I've read in other posts that the activation credit is typically used to bring the cost of the phone down. In this case, has it already been applied to make the phone 0$ except the $210 tab or can it be applied against the Tab.

This was for a Samsung Galaxy A5.

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The regular price is $360 on Tab now, so yes you are getting a deal at $210.
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IN other words it's already applied.
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Robert wrote:

IN other words it's already applied.

Thank you!