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account suspended.

why is it saying my online and phone account is suspended, i just entered my 25$ voucher and it won't read it now after accepted?

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Hi Lynnettie,

Are you sure your base-plan did not automatically reload itself once you added the voucher to your account?
im sure or i would be able to talk and text and my base plan is the 35$ plan but i added 35$

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Can you post a screenshot of the first page of self service without any personal details please?
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If you have a $35 baseplan, the $25 voucher would not be enough to cover it. By adding $10, the system is confused (for lack of a better word) as it needs to see the whole $35 amount in order for the suspension to be lifted. Assuming that you've applied two separate amounts, the money is stored in your prepaid account until you tell the system where to apply the funds. When you login to self serve prepaid, you should see a positive balance of $35. Simply apply the funds to your baseplan and the suspension will be removed. This can also be done by dialing *611 from your phone and following the prompts to renew your baseplan.