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Accidentally ordered the wrong colour phone, what do I do?

Hey, I ordered my Google Pixel 32GB Black accidentally instead of the white color day before yesterday. I've been trying to reach out to the webstore and the social media people for the past two days. I just got an email saying the shipping is confirmed and is on its way. Please help me get the white color shipping instead of the black.

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Hi Junaid,

Now that the phone has shipped there isn't anything that can be done until you receive the phone. Once you receive it, you can contact the webstore to return the phone to them and once that is processed you can order the colour you wanted.
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Hey, if it's already been shipped out, chances are you will have to do a return to get the color you want. Just check to make sure they have the color available in stock before you go through the trouble. Maybe consider a dbrands skin or something instead of the hassle of returning it.