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Accessing 50GB on Google Drive with Moto G

Hi folks, I upgraded to a Moto G a little while ago and as I'm looking at the site now, I believe that with the G I should get 50GB of Google Drive storage on top of the 8 in my phone. How do I go about accessing this? And please bear with me because I'm not super tech savvy. Thanks!

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In order to get the 50 GB of Google Drive storage you need to download the application (if the phone doesn't have it already). Then when you click into the app it will recognize that you have a Moto G and will activate your 50 GB for the next 24 months.
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The app is the on the bottom row on my phone as you can see...that's what the application will look like on your phone if it has it already installed.

Ahh yeah I see it thanks for your help. However, once I entered into it, and hit the redeem button for my 50GBs, it said it didn't work, and I only have 15. Not sure why this would be.
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That happened on my brothers Moto G. It may have a limited time as to when you can activate it. How long ago did you get the phone?
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Was this a second-hand device or were you the first owner of it? The offer is tied to the phone so if it was redeemed by someone else on that phone, it can't be redeemed again
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Was this a second-hand device or were you the first owner of it? The offer is tied to the phone s...Refurbished / Pre Owned from Koodo would fall under this as well so keep that in mind but chances are this is the case.
To Daniel: Yeah I thought that might have been the reason too, however they say you have 30 days and I bought it on May 4th. And to Ahmad: Nope I was the first owner of this one.
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If that is the case then you will need to contact Google since it is a Google product. Koodo wouldn't have control over something that Google was supposed to have available to people when they sign up with that phone right from the get go.