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Hi. I am a boarding student in Canada (Ontario). I have played online game with using my mobile hotspot for about 3 months. It worked well (really good quality). However since December 6, when I got monthly data, I started getting some disconnection when I played game. And I realized that ip of my mobile hotspot has changed. I can't put my previous ip and current ip here but my previous ip was ***.***.**.94 and my current ip is ***.***.**.35. I don't know how my mobile hotspot's ip has changed, but after that change, my internet connection became much slower than before. This change was right after December 6. If you know about this ip change, please answer 😞

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Hi Derek, When your phone is setup as a mobile hotspot, it allocates a range of IP addresses through DHCP just like a regular router does. Your devices will get different IP addresses when they connect to it. However, the IP address of the device is definitely not the reason your game is slow now. Try shutting down your phone, removing the battery (if possible) and SIM card for a few minutes before reassembling the phone and re-attempting it.
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Pretty much what Mathiew said, and IP address has nothing to do with the speed of your internet.  Mobile Data networks are not designed for gaming, ping times are inconsistent, and can fluctuate at anytime, which will affect the quality of your online gaming.  Latency is generally higher than an installed internet connection at your home.  An IP address is simply and identifier on a network for a particular device.