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able to call contact but they do not receive texts

  • 13 December 2018
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Phone is a new LG X POWER 3 and i have 1 contact that receives my calls but not my texts. i have tried delete and reinstall and asked them to check for blocking. Also read phone manual for solution. His phone is a newer blackberry. Not real phone savvy so any help is appreciated,thank you.

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4 replies

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Are all your other contacts receiving your texts fine?
Yes they are Dennis. This seems to be the only one and i receive texts from him. i could text him on my previous phone and contacts were transferred to this one by the guy at the mobile shop at time of purchase along with the sd card.
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Try deleting any conversation history on both phones and enter his phone number manually to text him and see if that works
That seems to have cured the problem. Thank you Dennis.