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a5 issues

A5 - in the last few months my A5 is not registering some calls - not ringing through when the phone is called, or logging missed calls - but people are able to leave voice mails, and the reception I once was getting is poor (1-2 bars) in most areas. Ask at the local kiosk and was told these were known issues with the phone - in brief new tab new phone would resolve my issues..............looking for a solution

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Did they offer you a new SIM card? Make sure your network selection is set to automatic and your network type is set to lte/wcdma/gsm auto These settings can be found in Settings...wireless and networking...more...mobile networks...
Hi Chad - thank you for responding.

I have verified the above settings - they are set to the lte/wcdma/gsm auto.
air plane mode is off as well.
The person I spoke to at the retail kiosk did offer a sim, but he did not believe it would solve it as a sim card is all or nothing for working. It is sporadic on what calls do not ring through (not the same numbers) yet the calls go to voice mail (again no log of calls coming through or missed call etc.). My husband has a Samsung s6 or 5 and does not have the same issues with signal strength, calls, emergency calls (finally had that feature deactivated) etc. 
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patti wrote:

Hi Chad - thank you for responding.

I have verified the above settings - they are set to the lte...

If, for whatever reason, your phone is not connected to the network (or thinks it not) you would not receive calls, nor would it be able to record calls as missed. The phone only records calls as missed which actually get to the phone. You would however receive notification of voicemail subsequent to a message being left.

There are a number of possible reasons for missing calls besides the reception issue you describe with your phone, including the tower you are connected to being fully loaded with calls. I have experienced what you describe. I can see the tower from my back deck, and always have good levels for LTE, however a while ago, the first I knew of a call was the VM notice.

Although this does not fix your issue, I hope it provides some clarification.