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A thank you to all Koodo customers. Today and tomorrow

Everybody uses apps, plays games.  But alot of smartphone users focus on free apps/games. What if it isn't as great as I thought it would be?, I'll get myself a coffee and get the freebie version.  

If Koodo started a customer appreciation app/website whereby each month, Koodo customers could browse a selection of apps and games to download for free, apps that would normally cost anything, it would create tremendous buzz.

Each month would only allow for that selection of apps to be downloaded for free, with discounts for apps/games offered in prior months.  What new apps could we get this month? Amoung other price comparable providers, why would I not choose Koodo?  

The marketing value to app developers would be tremendous, as a large community would be able to get their hands on their apps and games, and review it on your site.   

To be truly honest, this system is in place with a subscription to Xbox Live, but I have not seen one with a telephone provider.  Stats on the Xbox Live subscription increase spike after this change, customer feedback, etc. can be found online.  Speaking for myself, I always look forward to these freebies and is one of the main reasons why I will not let my membership expire despite my busy school schedule.


Kevin Chow

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Well this is a bit better than most of the ideas being thrown around the forum thanks to the contest, but I don't see how this would be controlled or feasible. Koodo would have to contact the devs and then the devs would have to either implement a code system into their app (get the game free based on a code Koodo provides through email) or they could just get an .apk file and send that to customers, but the general public doesn't even know what that is, really.
Jonathan, thank you for the feedback! All ideas begins somewhere and from there a collaborative effort is what it takes to work out kinks and unpredictable problems. Even if the general public doesn't catch on right away, news of this will. And from the amazing publicity for promoting upcoming or really useful apps/games, as well as a truly amazing long term Koodo customer thank you, you can bet the value in both marketing to the general public and app community, increased Koodo subscriptions, etc. will exceed the costs and time spent to do something that people would genuinely want and appreciate.