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A strange hidden number keep calling me ONE hour now

It start one hour ago , a hidden number keep calling me , I picked up few time this is not a normal call, u can only hear the sound B.....B....B.... sounds like u sending fax , no one talk and this f..king number still keep calling me right now, it won't stop!!!!!!!!!!!! 50 calls now and this bitch is keep doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only I can do is cancel Koodo account.

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Hi Johnny,

You could also change your phone number in Self Serve. 
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Unfortunately it's a fax. If you have a fax machine you can forward your calls to the fax machine and let it go through. Or if you don't have a fax machine. Google a local business and forward your calls to their fax number. Wait a good hour and then return your calls to your phone. The fax machine is probably set to auto retry. So until it goes through you're going to have to deal with it.
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Block unknown numbers. Even machines give up sometime.