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A free month in the next 3 bills

Ok, I switched to Koodo 3 months ago from Public Mobile. They told me that I will get a free month in the 3 months that follow. I did not receive an text notification that my bill is due, so I assumed that they will pay this month. Yet they didn't.... and now my bill is late. What do I do? Also, if I contact customer service, will I pay a fee?

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Hello Aleks,

No fees. You will pay a fee only if you ask them to do something you can do by your own. As fro your problem, you can't assume that Koodo did pay your bill because you didn't receive a text. It's your responsibility to look if your bill is due or not. You can discuss what's wrong with a Koodo directly on the phone or on FB if you don't want to wait (www.m.me/Koodo)
I know very well it's my responsibility Robert, it feels good to vent sometimes, and just state it as it is.
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I understand your frustration. Sorry for that Aleks, I thought you wanted to blame Koodo for that. That's why I was telling you that. 

If you end up calling Koodo I suggest playing the "Public Mobile was better" card or "I was expecting more from Koodo". It will surely get you some results.
😉 Thanks a lot Robert!
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No problem! 
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I switched from PM two months ago and had no problems so far.

First bill was prorated and on second one my free month was applied.

This month for the first time I am going to pay my regular bill.

As a former fellow PM user if you have any questions I can try to help.