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A few questions (

Me...samsung s3 koodo prepaid for 1 week also my first cell phone , so be kind lol. 1- do toll free number use booster talk minutes ? 2-With android , do i need some kind of virus scanner or firewall for internet ? i use AVG on my home desktop with xp . 3-I set up voice mail on prepaid , will i get a text message notefing me i have a new voice message ?

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1. yes - uses up mintes but not long distance that's why they are called toll free. 2. not sure - but if you are worried about virus through the phone, don't. I have yet to hear about them. 3. nope - no text message but your phone will show, normally a red dot or something.
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LairdC wrote:

1. yes - uses up mintes but not long distance that's why they are called toll free. 2. not sure ...

You haven't heard of viruses on Android Are you serious?I
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2. You can use AVG for android on galaxy S3, its available on google play
1 yes anytime you are on a call it uses booster minutes. 2 you dont NEED one but there are some good options out there, i personally use Lookout free version, which also offers services to find a missing phone, and a neat feature that snaps a photo of a person trying unsuccessfully to unlock your device and emails it to you 3 not a text message but the phone will lets you know there is a message with a notification
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Definitely use a Antivirus app and keep it updated by just going into the app every so often and it will immediately let you know there's an update to the virus database. Download this one, it's the one ai use and it comes with a bunch of other great features & can even make sure you don't have apps sending you push ads to your notification pane. You can also find your phone with it or block unwanted calls /texts. it's great. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.comodo.pimsecure