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I just switched to Koodo because I've heard great things about them. I literally got my new phone 8 days ago, and the screen just cracked due to the cold. Its been 8 days. not once have I dropped it. Will they fix it, or replace it? or am I just left with a broken screen, or paying 200 dollars to fix it?

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A damaged screen is generally considered physical damage which normally isn't covered by the manufacturer. That being said, bring it back to the place you got it. There may be some evidence of a defect that could persuade the kiosk to send it in to the manufacturer for evaluation. It is the manufacturer who determines if a defect existed or not. Koodo is simply a middle man but I wouldn't get my hopes up.
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More than likely they wont be able to do much due to the broken screen on it. You can always talk to customer service and see what they are willing/able to do for it. But usually once a screen is broken it falls under physical damage which isnt covered by the phone manufacturer.
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A Moto G screen replacement should cost $50-100, not $200.