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$5 Data Usage Charge for No Apparent Reason

I recently received the bill for my most recent billing cycle, dated from July 22 to August 21. In it, I've discovered an additional $5 Data Usage charge. Closer inspection of my usage shows the charge being related to 0.01 MB of data at 13:05 on August 8. Some quick math in my data history indicates that I had used 2338.27 MB of data by this point. I am on a $65 per month 1 GB + 2 GB BONUS Shock-Free™️ data plan on my Google Pixel. While I did receive a text message indicating that 100% of my data had been used for the billing cycle and that my data had been temporarily turned off, this did not occur until August 20, and I did not opt in to the additional "100 MB for $5" offer, instead deciding to wait for my cycle to roll over. Page 3 of my bill indicates that I used 3,086.914 MB of data over the cycle. While this is over the 3072 MB of data that my plan provides, I will repeat that I did not agree to an additional 100 MB for $5 in any way, shape, or form. At no point was I in a U.S. or roaming area - in fact, at the indicated date and time, I would have been at work in Paradise, a large town under full coverage in Newfoundland, intermittently connected to the business WiFi. Nothing within Self Serve seems to be able to explain this charge. I would appreciate an investigation of this charge, with it either being overturned, or a reasonable explanation for its existence so that I can avoid it in the future.

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Billing disputes need to be resolved by a Koodo rep. If you're certain that you didn't respond yes to the text, send a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter to get it sorted out.
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@ Matt, as per Goran send us a quick private message on Facebook and we will look after this. Looking at your account, indeed there was something funky, so we will fix that. 
Thanks guys. I've sent a message to the Koodo Facebook page and will await the reply. My pay-by date isn't until September 18, so I'm confident that this can be resolved by then. I'll also be sure to send similar issues directly to the Facebook or Twitter accounts in the future - although, hopefully I won't need to!