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4G not working with unlocked s5 (sprint)

I recently purchased a Samsung S5 G900-p that was locked to sprint. A pile of money later, I have the gsm unlocked via rooting with msl code. I've entered all of koodos apn info on the phone and that got me the 3g data only and hit or miss at that. I've already left an email with the guy that unlocked the phone and I'm waiting to hear back from him. More then likely this is something on his end, but I was just trying to figure out if there is something else I've missed. I've switched the antenna over to gms/umts and I've tried lte/cmda. I know CDMA is not applicable with a sim card. So I'm lost at this point. I formerly had an s4 active also from sprint and had no issues using the phone on 4g once unlocked....
Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated.

Oh there is one other thing, the phone recognizes that network I'm on as Telus, I found that strange, I'm aware of the affiliation. But the sim card is koodo, shouldn't the network read Koodo in the top left (on the lock screen)? 

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I dont believe the sprint version has the same bands as koodo also it wouldnt be something unlocking could change its the band's the phones fitted with
You will not get 4G LTE on your phone because it does not have the band 4(1700/2100 MHz) which is what Koodo uses for 4G LTE.However, you should be able to get 3G on your phone.
Do not worry about your phone displaying Telus instead of Koodo. Koodo is owned by Telus.
Fair enough, back to ebay it goes.
Tyler Swords wrote:

Fair enough, back to ebay it goes.

When you buy a phone online, make sure it has the frequencies that Koodo/Telus network supports.
3G :850/1900 MHz.
4G LTE : band 4(1700/2100 MHz).