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4G not connecting despite data turned on.

I have an unlocked HTC One. Data is enabled, but my 4G indicator is not showing up, so I don't think I'm on the network. I can't send or receive MMS. Went to wireless network settings and Access Point Names, and there were no APNs showing up. How to I get my data to work?

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Hi Caroline, -Is this the first time you have been with Koodo? -Are you all paid up? -Prepaid or monthly? -Does it say Koodo instead of no service at the corner of your phone?
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http://mobilemasters.koodomobile.com/the-comprehensive-guide-for-bringing-your-unlocked-device-to-koodo/ Use the settings for BlackBerry 10 at the end to create your APNs.
Hi Eugene, -No -Yes -Monthly -It says Koodo Ivan, I manually entered the APN settings, thanks for that. Rebooted the phone - MMS is working! Thanks again. 🙂