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3rd time needing repair can i get a replacement ?

  • 31 March 2021
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Hey guys i got a samsung galaxy a71 in nov 2020 recently it stopped charging. i went to a koodo authorized repair shop. they sent it to samsung to get it fixed. a week later it came back with the charge port fixed.

Went home and couple days later it stopped charging again. So they shipped it out a second time it came back a week later with the repair being a mechanical readjust.

Took it home and later that day i tried watching YouTube on my phone but had no sound .so i tried to restart my phone.  when it turned off it wont turn back on again. wont charge. its acting completely dead, but it had lots of battery power when i tried the reset.

Is there anyway i can get a new phone instead of doing this back and forth stuff?im from a different town and its costing alot of money in gas to go to and from the repair shop in the next town over 

3 replies

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Give Samsung Canada a call or use their live chat and see what they say. They may be able to deliver a replacement out to you. No guarantees, but worth looking into.


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Did Koodo tell you to go to that place to get it repair? Was the phone repair under warranty? 


@Dinh yes its a koodo repair shop and yes its been under warranty


@rikkster thanks i willtry