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3gb data downloaded by "removed programs" - I removed nothing

My phone says I used nearly 5gb of data. I normally run 2-2.5gb, and over 2gb last month was from "removed programs" according to my data use option on Samsung Galaxy s2x. I can see now that there's a flickering in the downloads, even if I force quit, download doesn't stop. It doesn't even show up long enough to show the name. But it flickers about 3 times a second. Any idea how to fix this? This garbage charged an extra 40 bucks to my bill... I usually don't call them and complain, but this is nearly impossible to figure out, I only realized when I looked at my bill. Definitely the phone side, not Koodo service... But still.

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Have you tried restarting the phone? See if it comes back once it starts up again.
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Or a battery pull
Hi Brandon, I would recommend one of two options, either factory wipe your phone or download AVG ( a free antivirus application) and check your phone for any issues. I have seen this issue before on android when a Koodo customer had a virus on their phone. The facotry data reset is the only option that allows you to ensure that it is not a application that is stored in your phone hidden from view. I do understand that you will lose all your information but if you are using google or apple you could back your contacts up using a cloud or Gmail service. I hope this helps, and that your able to get your phone under control. Cheers, The Bull