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3 year customer. Do I get a hardware upgrade deal of some kind?

This might be a dumb question but here it goes: So my HTC I've had for almost 3 years is acting up, freezing, glitching, the whole nine yards. Anyway, I would love to get a new phone. My tab is now only $12, so if I want to do a hardware upgrade, could I get a fancy new phone for cheaper than what is advertised on the tab options after I finish paying the tab? Or would I still have to pay up front what is advertised like anybody else? (what I mean is, are customers offered hardware upgrade deals for being with Koodo for a certain amount of time, paying bills on time, paying off tab, etc?)

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Hi Ashh, You will get the fancy new phone at the price that is advertised I'm afraid but there is a new Tab system since you got your HTC... you can now choose between Tab S ($150 subsidy) or Tab M ($300). With Tab M you need to have a plan higher than $30 and contribute $5 yourself, but it's what most customers prefer, it's the best value 🙂
Thank you both for your answers. I do like that it is fair and equal among customers. I'm excited to get a new phone soon! (Just wish they weren't so much, but hey, I'll just steer clear of the iPhone) 😛
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Ashh Campbell wrote:

Thank you both for your answers. I do like that it is fair and equal among customers. I'm excit...

Steering clear of iPhones, this is music to my ears 🙂 I hope you enjoy your next phone, Ashh!
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You know Ashh, If you want a decent phone for a really good price, consider to buy the Moto G from Walmart outright. It is around $150 right now and it comes with a prepaid SIM card $20 worth. You could easily sell it for $10 or so and use the phone itself with your Koodo plan. When your Tab is paid off, ask for a 10% discount on your plan. A win all around 😃