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2017 A5 network issues

I have just gotten a Samsung A5 2017 version last week and it was was working fine until yesterday. It is saying I'm connected to the Koodo network but doesn't register the data portion of the network. So wifi works but my phone's data plan doesn't. It's interfering with my calls and texts as well. I receive some of them but I miss many others. This is an issue with multiple numbers. I have tons of data left in my plan, my settings are all set to use my data and I've double/triple checked everything remotely connected to networks and data. I'm stumped and getting mighty frustrated. Does anybody know what to do about this?

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Hi Athena, have you tried a simple device reboot
I've tried a basic reboot but not a factory reset.
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How's your signal strength?
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Have you tried resetting the A5's network settings?

Go to: Settings > General management > Reset > Reset network settings - then tap Reset twice to confirm.

Is there a newer SIM card in the A5, or an older one?