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2 or 3 accounts all together, for family instead of being individually purchased / free mobile tv / koodo self serve app. / tab balance

Well, I recently moved to Canada and I wanted to have 3 accounts combined together, but they said its not possible to do so until at least a year for credit check purposes, you have my address and my banking details, WHY THE WAIT! Another thing that is totally disturbing is the self serve app. That is totally less updated and doesnt give exact info as it should be, also slow performance with some glitches, (talking android version here) Tab balance that we can use it not just for purchasing a new phone, include accessories too. Plans rates or airtime minutes to be increased and why not unlimited incoming starting from 30$ plan ??? One last thing is free mobile tv, as some providers started to include several free mobile tv hours, when we gonna see that with koodo.

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Welcome to Canada, Ahmed! There are quite a few requests there 🙂 I'll just address one or two: the combining of accounts has to do with a credit check, and people who are new to Canada, alas, just don't qualify yet because they haven't had time to build up credit. It's nothing personal! Just be patient, your time will come. Most of us here went through that at some point 😃 The other I'll address is the free mobile TV, from what I understand Koodo is a budget brand and doesn't offer some of the bells & whistles you get with other providers 🙂 On the other hand, it IS cheaper than most others! As for your request to make unlimited incoming cheaper: Canada is a lovely country and I'm very, very happy and proud to live here, but one of the things I DO NOT LIKE AT ALL is the excessive mobile rates 😃 Get used to it, LOL!