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2 cm's from the left side of my Galaxy S4 screen is unresponsive. Help.

So I purchased an S4 from Koodo about 6 months maybe and it's had a case and screen protector on it since day 1. It has never been submerged in water nor is the screen cracked or anything. I was browsing around on it today and the screen suddenly stopped for around 30 seconds, The graphics are okay just froze so I did a reboot cause it was acting funny and slow. After reboot things seemed normal until I went to use the shift key when sending a text and noticed it was not responding. After a factory reset it's still the same. Any ideas? This is the first phone I have ever had a screen do this. literally 80% of the screen works and 100% of the graphics I can see, just 20% from the left edge inward is unresponsive to touch. I tested it with a drawing app and it also kinda shows that the 20 percent isn't responding. Any help would be great.

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You're going to need warranty service. Give Koodo a call to arrange for service.
Thanks. They said I was within warranty and it's a malfunction.