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18669956636 - Annoying Calls

  • 23 January 2019
  • 6 replies

Every day I receive calls from this number. When I answer, there is nobody at the other end and the call gets disconnected. I have tried blocking this number, but it doesn't help. I am very frustrated with this and debating switching providers because this is getting out of control. Every single day... Please assist, otherwise goodbye Koodo.

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6 replies

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How is it Koodo fault that this number is calling you? They are calling the number and whether your service is with Koodo, or another carrier, the call will reach you.

See if this link helps you

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Apart from blocking the number your only other option would be to get a new number.
Like mentioned above, switching providers wont change anything if you keep the same number.
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If the number is 1 866 995 6636, It is the Koodo official number. Did you schedule a call back? or you had some late payment? Was everything good in your account? They might call you to offer a deal or something personal to you as well.

I would setup a callback through Koodo digital assistant www.koodo.com/chat and ask someone to look into it.


The call is from Koodo. I talked with an agent on Facebook Messenger and he told me everthing in my account looked just fine. He also said it might be for an offer. 


Still, I can’t answer the phone fast enough to tell them I am not interested in that offer. I might block the number too.


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If you block the number, don’t expect to get any callbacks then if you request one. This thread is also 8 months old. There is no need to revive it.


Ask to be removed from the call offers list and you’ll stop receiving them.

I did so because i literally just got a call from that number. It's been the seventh time i think in the last two weeks. So i thought it might be helpful to other people.